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Figured it out... It was my freaking VGA cable. I swapped it out for a different D-sub cable and now it works. I couldn't tell you why but it does.


Hey guys,

I'm really struggling to get my D9400 monitor working with Calamity's drivers. I have purchased both a HD6450 card and a HD5450 card and neither of them will display correctly. The strange thing is the only way I get a correct output on my D9400 monitor is if I plug it into my motherboard directly with neither card installed. Both card's drivers installed correctly but when I get to the VmMaker step I can never get a signal.

Here is a video of what happens with the HD6450
(Also I have returned this exact card to the store already but I purchased a XFX HD "5450" but it shows up as a 6450 and shows the same problems as the video above)

The true HD5450 I just bought today is even worse where I see nothing when I plug in the monitor via VGA. The weird thing is when I try switching from my LCD to my D9400 with the HD5450 is it freezes the computer and I have to restart it to go back to my LCD.

At this point I'm pretty lost and would love any help possible. First should I pursue the HD 5450 or the HD6450? At this point I'm considering ditching GroovyMAME entirely and buy the ArcadeVGA card.

Thanks again for any help you can give.

Eiusdemmodi → Support → D9400 VmMaker help → Post new reply