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Donations. CRT Emudriver, GroovyMAME/UME, ATOM-15 projects.

The CRT Emudriver, as well as its related tools VMMaker and Arcade OSD, are conceived as free software, being, as they are, part of an experimental project that grows every day, thanks to the shared experience of hundreds of users. This project owes its existence to the knowledge that expert users have made freely available on the web during the last years.

The GroovyMAME/UME project (initially created by Chris Kennedy, currently mantained by me) is tightly related to VMMaker, being most of its development now shared between the two projects.

The ATOM-15 project is an experimental tool designed to customize the video output of ATI/AMD display cards based on the ATOMBIOS firmware.

If you feel like making a donation to these projects, you're welcome to do so by using this button:

Notice that the Groovy Arcade Linux project is mantained by a different person: Ves. So if you wish to support this specific project then it's fair to donate him directly from the link found on the project's site at Google Code.