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Hello, I just tried to revert to generic_15 instead of arcade_15, and it switches to 480i for 1941 cps1 game for example.

with arcade_15 pacman dk etc work correctly in 15khz but cps/cave games don't show
with generic_15 they show at 480i instead of progressive low res

I tried other custom settings but I still don't understand how to allow these specific games to work this way

Edit : Fixed my problem by getting rid of interlaced modes in mame.ini


Try generic_15 instead of arcade_15. It's the most conservative preset.


after some gaming I noticed some games still don't work with arcade_15 preset, like dodonpachi series, I guess the resolution is out of range of the arcade_15 setup while it's rotated ? if it's the problem is it possible to create a custom range of 15khz only for vertical games along with the custom tri-sync basic setup ?


awesome ! thanks !


Create a blank vertical.ini file, then add this line: "monitor arcade_15".



I am using a tri-sync monitor which has 3 modes 15-24-31khz.

It's a toshiba monitor which is present in the New Net City cabinet, I don't have it's specs so I use Tri-Sync monitor chassis presets for the range.

Since I don't have much room in my flat I have decided to stick with horizontal screen to play even vertical games. So I decided to use the preset fixed horizontal monitor.

Everything works great under Groovymame, but the problem I have is vertical games don't stay at 15khz.

I have an osd panel to change the screen size but the matter is it switches to 24khz ou 31khz so it doesn't look right.

I have found another thread with crt_range settings, where Calamity pointed it's possible to create a vertical.ini file to set limits but I couldn't get it to work maybe because I have 3 crt_range lines ?

I would like some help to figure out a solution to make vertical games stay at 15khz and fill my screen without messing with other games.

Thank you