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I really need a log for troubleshooting GM issues (too many variables involved).


Ok thanks.


hi, perhaps would be better posting the problem here (see the first post for how to create a log) … 382.0.html



Dunno if I have to report game issues here or on groovymame/groovyume forum.

I've set up super resolutions on my mini cab (CRT TV thru Scart RGB), using a HD4350 and latest CRT emudriver/Vmmaker under windows XP 32 bits.

Most of mame games run perfectly under groovyume 0.154. (I haven't configured other platforms yet).

But Few games won't launch :

- Tapper,
- Road Runner,
- sf2ce,
- Tiger Road.

I know tapper has an exotic interlaced 512x480i @ 30Hz resolution.
But for example, Rampage (which have the same resolution) runs perfectly.

Other games have normal resolutions though, they should run without any problem.

I've tested the roms on my desktop computer and they works fine.

Maybe I should post a log, but I don't remember how to get a log in mame/ume ?