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I have just configured my PC to output to a WG arcade monitor but I am really worried it might be outputting the wrong refresh rate. Sorry for my naivety but Is there a noticeable way to tell or would my screen just suddenly blow after x amount of time?

I initially installed the CRT EMU 9.3 XP64bit 1.2b driver and then ran VMM just changing the config to browse to the Mame.exe and Mame INI folder, nothing else and I also did not do the following below:

"Before running VMM, make sure you've got "Hide the modes which can't be displayed by the monitor" [?] disabled on Windows -- go to Screen properties (from the desktop), Configuration, Advanced features, Monitor [?] in order to find the setting. It's recommended to also make a back-up of your MAME configuration, particularly of the .INI folder."

When I look in the advanced properties as mentioned above and in the Arcade OSD video modes to check the "monitor" "Screen Refresh Rate" it says it is at 200-KHz! Is this correct? I have a picture on my WG arcade monitor and have tried some games and they appear to be working ok but for peace of mind is there another way to confirm that I am outputting 15-KHz SAFE refresh rates.

I am also using VNC Viewer to remote connect and wondered if this is safe to do so or will it change any settings made with the resolutions or refresh rates.

I am really trying to get my head around this but after lots of reading I am still a little in the dark and would be grateful for any clarification. I am also not sure if I need to change anything in the Arcade OSD do I need to attach "OSD to current monitor" I remember from the older version of Arcade OSD you could set desktop? is this the same and is it necessary to once you restart after installing the drivers?

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If you get a properly displayed picture you don't need to worry about it being out of sync. Is it that you've noticed something suspectful?


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Ok great I was just concerned I did not see 15 KHz mentioned in the Arcade OSD. What does attach "OSD to current monitor" do?


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Maybe you mean Hz not kHz? Sometimes Windows returns a bogus refresh rate of 200 Hz, just ignore that. What's more strange is that you don't get the right values in Arcade OSD. A snapshot of the mode list would help.

The "Attach OSD to current monitor" is used with more than one monitor. You simply drag and drop the window on the target monitor, then use "attach" option so Arcade OSD knows what monitor to send the modes to.

Using remote control software is known to cause issues in some systems. Not necessarily the case, but keep it in mind.

BTW the easiest way to check the output frequency is to plug a PC monitor that shows the incoming frequencies on its osd.