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Hi Calamity
first of all I want to let you know that I truly believe your tolls are the best around the world for our cabinets.
I have done a small translation/explanation in italian of the CRT emu drivers paragraph that I can give you if you like.
I'm about to open with other arcaders a forum and we would love to post some of your stuff or links to yours , whatever works better for you. Could you please contact me ?

thanks a lot and keep up the great work


Re: Other websites

Hi bisus,

Thanks for your comments and interest. If my understanding is correct the site you're planning to open is in Italian. I'm happy with the idea of a reference site for this material in Italian. Feel free to post any links or translations, even mirror our files if that's what you like. Remind the work in this site is not only mine but also due to Recap's documentation effort.


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that's correct calamity it will be an Italian  forum and I will be more than happy if you could join once we open. Keep. it up guys


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Calamity,  Recap,  we are online with a soft opening where can I give you the address ? I would love you to join our forum 



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Unless Calamity says otherwise, we have nothing against advertising external homepages or boards here, so serve yourself in this thread.

Changed the title, by the way, for a more general purpose.


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No problem! Please post your links here.


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thanks a lot to both, we are now testing everything and accepting only invited users 'till the 24th of december and I would really appreciate if you could join and give us feedback
the url is www.arcademania.eu and here is the mirror to you http://arcademania.eu/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=38

thanks a lot


Re: Other websites

Hey, thanks for the mention, but really, that's not deserved at all. Calamity's too modest to admit that this is mostly his own work so just saluting him would be enough and more fair.

We're not exactly fluent in Italian, but good luck with it. Also, please, use proper capitalization here.