Topic: Toggle "Forced reset of interleave flag upon device power-up."

I've tried to find a thread here addressing this and didn't see one. I haven't exhaustively searched BYOAC, so please forgive my ignorance if it's already posted there.

My setup:

XFX - AMD Radeon R5 220 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 Graphics Card (identifies as a Radeon HD 6450 in Device Manager)
Gigabyte B150M-DS3H motherboard
Core i3 3.8Ghz. 
CRT Emu driver 2.0 beta 8

Since the ATOM-15 flash:

On a cold boot, the Windows desktop screen comes up with a vertically shrunken picture. I suspect is related to the following note, since it appears some horizontal lines aren't being drawn due to an interlace issue.

[26/01/2016][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 7]

  - [Emudriver]  Forced reset of interleave flag upon device power-up. Fixes problem with ATOM-15 flashed cards that caused a shrinked picture with progressive modes and double picture with interlaced modes.

The vertically shrunken picture affects all resolutions in Windows. If I simply reboot the PC, the Windows desktop come up looking  fine. I'm probably oversimplifying, but is it possible to disable the "forced reset" of the interleave flag upon device power up? I'm curious if that might fix it.

Thanks for the excellent software, Calamity! And thank you to everyone else for taking the time to read this as well!


Re: Toggle "Forced reset of interleave flag upon device power-up."

If you could disable the "forced reset" feature, you wouldn't have correct video even after a normal reboot.

The problem here, I believe, Windows 8/10 Fast Startup, which seems to bypass the driver's initialization. So what you'd need to do is to disable the Fast Startup feature.

Please, let me know if it works.


Re: Toggle "Forced reset of interleave flag upon device power-up."

Thanks so much for the reply!

Disabling Fast Boot seems to have solved the problem! Awesome!