Topic: CRT Emudriver 1.2b - Download thread (obsolete).

Note: this version of CRT Emudriver is obsolete. This version is only useful for Windows XP users. Windows 7 and newer users should check CRT Emudriver 2.0 instead (don't mind the "beta" in its name, it's a fully working release). Even if you're still using Windows XP, it's recommended that along with CRT Emudriver 1.2b, you use the new updated CRT Tools instead of the old ones, as these are synchronized with GroovyMAME, and will make your life much easier.

C R T  E m u d r i v e r   1 . 2 b

CRT Emudriver is a patched version of Catalyst 6.5/9.3/13.1 ATI Drivers, for ATI Radeon cards and Windows XP 32/64-bit and Windows 7-64-bit operating systems. Its purpose is to improve some features related to low resolution video modes and their use in emulation on CRT screens, TV and arcade monitors.

These drivers will allow you to obtain the best of GroovyMAME and other emulators. They come with a table of pre-installed video modes that GroovyMAME expects to find and use. After installing, you can use VMMaker to better adjust the mode list in order to fit your particular monitor type.

CRT Emudriver's main features as compared to regular drivers are:

  - Support for dynamic modeline reprogramming without the need to restart the system.

  - The number of video modes supported is double that of regular Catalyst drivers, which are limited to 60 custom video modes you can define and have available simultaneously. The total number of  modelines supported by each driver version is:

      - CRT Emudriver, based on Catalyst 6.5 XP-32:      200 modes
      - CRT Emudriver, based on Catalyst 6.5 XP-64:      120 modes
      - CRT Emudriver, based on Catalyst 9.3 XP-32/64: 120 modes
      - CRT Emudriver, based on Catalyst 13.1 W7-64:    120 modes

  - Fixed support for real 320x and 400x resolutions, that with regular Catalyst drivers are hardcoded as doublescanned modes.

There are several versions of CRT Emudriver. You must select the one that fits your operating system and video card:

W i n d o w s   X P   d o w n l o a d s

Under Windows XP, we support the range from the Radeon 7000 up to the Radeon HD 4xxx family, in either 32 and 64-bit versions of the operating system. Older cards are supported by the version based on Catalyst 6.5. Newer cards are supported by the one based on Catalyst 9.3. Some cards are supported by both 6.5 and 9.3 versions, in this case it's recommended to use the 9.3.

Download CRT Emudriver 1.2b (Catalyst 6.5) for Windows XP-32 + VMMaker + Arcade_OSD 1.4b
Download CRT Emudriver 1.2b (Catalyst 6.5) for Windows XP-64 + VMMaker + Arcade_OSD 1.4b

Download CRT Emudriver 1.2b (Catalyst 9.3) for Windows XP-32 + VMMaker + Arcade_OSD 1.4b
Download CRT Emudriver 1.2b (Catalyst 9.3) for Windows XP-64 + VMMaker + Arcade_OSD 1.4b

Below is a reference of the cards supported by each version:

Catalyst 6.5: ATI Radeon 7000, 7200, 7500, 8500, 9000, 9100, 9200, 9250, 9500, 9550, 9600, 9700, 9800, X300, X550, X600, X700, X800, X850, X1300, X1600, X1800, 1900, X1950, ArcadeVGA 9200/9250, etc.

Catalyst 9.3: ATI Radeon 9500, 9550, 9600, 9700, 9800, X300, X550, X600, X700, X740, X800, X850, X1050, X1200, X1300, X1550, X1600, X1650, X1800, X1900, X1950, HD 2350, HD 2400, HD 2600, HD 2900, HD 3200, HD 3300, HD 3400, HD 3410, HD 3450, HD 3550, HD 3570, HD 3600, HD 3610, HD 3690, HD 3730, HD 3750, HD 3800, HD 3830, HD 3850, HD 3870, HD 4230, HD 4250, HD 4350, HD 4550, HD 4570, HD 4580, HD 4650, HD 4670, HD 4730, HD 4750, HD 4800, HD 4850, HD 4870, HD 4890, etc.

Video cards marked in red are supported, but they don't support low pixel clocks. For these cards, you will need to use the DotClockMin = 8.0 option in vmmaker.ini in order to scale low resolutions horizontally.

After restart, you will need to manually select one of the 15 kHz modes from Arcade OSD.

W i n d o w s   7   d o w n l o a d s

Under Windows 7, we support the Radeon HD 2xxx, HD 3xxx and Radeon HD 4xxx families, only for the 64-bit version of the operating system.

Download CRT Emudriver 1.2b (Catalyst 13.1) for Windows 7-64 + VMMaker + Arcade_OSD 1.4b

When installing CRT Emudriver in Windows 7, some extra caution must be taken:

1.- Run the Setup program with ADMIN RIGHTS enabled.
2.- DO NOT restart the system when W7 prompts you to do so, let the Setup program finish, allow it to set TEST mode on.
3.- CRT Emudriver for W7 doesn't boot in 15 kHz automatically after restart. You need to manually enable a 15 kHz mode from Arcade OSD.
4.- Remind to always run VMMaker with ADMIN RIGHTS.
5.- Windows 7 does not support "magic" resolutions. Use "super" resolutions instead.

V M M a k e r   &   A r c a d e   O S D   u p d a t e d   d o w n l o a d

The driver packages above are not updated so often. For convenience, a small package containing only up-to-date versions of VMMaker and Arcade OSD is offered as a separate download. Make sure to always use the most recent version:

Download VMMaker + Arcade OSD 1.4b


Re: CRT Emudriver 1.2b - Download thread (obsolete).

V e r s i o n   H i s t o r y

[04/10/2015][CRT Emudriver 1.2b][VMMaker + Arcade OSD 1.4b]

- [VMMaker]    XML processing adapted to MAME v.0162

[01/03/2015][CRT Emudriver 1.2b][VMMaker + Arcade OSD 1.4a]

- [Arcade OSD] Fixed error when setting desktop resolution in Windows XP. Windows 7/8 not affected.

[10/10/2014][CRT Emudriver 1.2b][VMMaker + Arcade OSD 1.4]

- [Emudriver]  Windows 7 version promoted from beta. Based on Catalyst 13.1 "reloaded", by kevsamiga1974.

- [Emudriver]  Removed timing cache from versions 6.5 & 9.3 for XP. Now you no longer need to create a minimum number of custom modes in order to get dynamic modelines.

- [Emudriver]  Version 9.3 for XP-32/64. Added lots of missing of PCI IDs, including the "Mobility Radeon" ones. It should fix most problems with not recognized hardware.

- [Arcade OSD] Fixed bug affecting Windows 7 where the desktop mode wouldn't be properly detected.

- [VMMaker]   
  [Arcade OSD] Full support for super resolutions. Fixed bug with dotclocks above 100 MHz. Fixed font aspect ratio with ultra-wide modes.

- [VMMaker]   
  [Arcade OSD] Full Windows 7 support.

[16/06/2012][VMMaker 1.3c][Arcade OSD 1.3b]

- [VMMaker]    XML processing adapted to MAME v.0146 (reported by genius77).

- [VMMaker]    New list of video modes for emulation (ReslList.txt). By Recap.

- [VMMaker]    New list of main systems for MAME (MameMain.txt). By Recap.

- [VMMaker]    Main system selection based on rom name.

- [VMMaker]    New option "OnlyListMain", allows listing only video modes from games included in MameMain.txt

- [VMMaker]    New option "YresRound", allows asigning a rounding factor to the vertical resolution, rationalizing the mode table.

- [VMMaker]    Now options ModeTableMethod, XresMin, YresMin and YresRound have two suffixes: _XML and _custom. Each one applies to a different source: xml (MAME/MESS) or custom (ReslList.txt), making it possible to use different criteria for each group.

- [VMMaker]    Automatic creation of "magic" mode table (ModeTableMethod_XML/custom = 2). Creates a table of dummy resolutions, in the form 1234 x (yres), allowing a great reduction of the mode table size. This option can only be used with GroovyMAME and Windows XP. It is meant as a workaround for a bug in Hypersping that makes it crash when the mode list exceeds a certain number of modes.

- [VMMaker]    Important improvements in the generation of the mode table for multi-frequency monitors.

- [VMMaker]
  [Arcade OSD] Added support for sync polarities.

- [Arcade OSD] Support for multiple monitors. The new option "Attach OSD to current monitor" allows selecting the active monitor by drag-and-dropping the program's window over the desired monitor.

- [Arcade OSD] The new option "Lock unsupported modes" blocks the video modes which Windows considers as not supported by our monitor. Arcade monitors and CRT TVs don't have an EDID, so when using these Windows will show all video modes as supported, including those that are potentially dangerous. Thus this option can't be used to filter out unsupported modes. It's function is quite the opposite: to unlock those video modes that Windows might consider as unsupported, in those monitors that have a valid EDID,

[16/04/2011][CRT Emudriver 1.2][VMMaker 1.3][Arcade OSD 1.2]

- [Emudriver]  New version based on Catalyst 6.5 for Windows x64

- [VMMaker]    New version 1.3, support for multi-frequency monitors (beta).

[06/03/2011][CRT Emudriver 1.2][VMMaker 1.2][Arcade OSD 1.2]

- [Emudriver]  New version based on Catalyst 9.3 para Windows x64

- [VMMaker]    New options VerticalAspect, ModeTableMethod, DotClockMin, AnyCatalyst (view VMMaker.ini for details).

- [Arcade OSD] Fixed problem that prevented from preserving the changes applied to the desktop video mode.

[24/12/2010][CRT Emudriver 1.2][VMMaker 1.1][Arcade OSD 1.1]

- [Emudriver]  New version based on Catalyst 9.3

- [VMMaker]    New method for mode labelling, in order tell modes from others with similar refresh. Based on using three figures to label the vertical refresh, e.g. 320x256@55.5 Hz would be labelled as 320x256_555. To restore old labelling system use VFreqLabelx10 = 0 in vmmaker.ini.

- [VMMaker]    Improvements to the modeline generator, so monitor timing can be stablished more accurately (new options VFrontPorch, VSyncPulse, VBackPorch).

- [Arcade OSD] Solved problen with Arcade OSD and DDraw in Catalyst 9.3.

- [Arcade OSD] Solved problen with Arcade OSD when showing interlaced modes timing.

[05/10/2010][CRT Emudriver 1.1][VMMaker 1.0][Arcade OSD 1.0]

- [Emudriver]  Solved problem of driver installation in cards different from the Radeon 9250, due to an error in .inf file error.

- [Emudriver]  Added support to Ati Radeon X1950 Pro (tested by ConanR).

- [Emudriver]  Pre-installed video modes for MAME v.139

[08/09/2010][CRT Emudriver 1.0][VMMaker 1.0][Arcade OSD 1.0]

- First full version.