Topic: VMM and AOSD Docs Question

Hi, loving this new site and greetings to all.

From the VMM and AOSD Documentaion found on this forum:

"When using the Magic Table, GroovyMAME overwrites the dummy "1234" value with the native width of the emulated game, creating a genuine modeline with the required width. This is actually a hack and may work great in many systems while causing issues in a few. It is strongly recommended to use Direct3D instead of DirectDraw when using this method."

Can I ask, why is this?


Re: VMM and AOSD Docs Question

Hi jadder,

When testing all this we found it worked great for some of us but it was totally messed for others. Back then most of us where still using DirectDraw. I had been testing all this with an X300 and it worked fine for me. But for people with HD 4xxx cards and the same drivers the picture was totally shifted. Finally it turned out that enabling Direct3D just worked fine for all cards.

Magic resolutions are a hack, at the time I didn't understand why they worked. Now I believe it works thanks to the unofficial virtual desktop feature in ATI drivers, you know the panning desktop where the logical resolution is higher than the physical one. In fact if I remind right you could solve the DirectDraw issue by moving your mouse so the picture would center properly, obviously not very convenient for a cabinet. Windows 7 specifically forbade panning desktop, that's probably why this doesn't work anymore.