Topic: Arcadeosd grid

I installed new driver and Arcade OSD 1.4 but I get a debug console:

createsurfacewithpattern error
activatemode:ddrawinit error

I doesn't show the grid for modifying when entering a mode, the resolution switches though.
My setup; ati 9250, xp32





Re: Arcadeosd grid

Hi Gurbz,

That sounds like a problem with the drivers installation. Please confirm the following: run "dxdiag" from the command promt, go into the screen tab and check that both DirectDraw and Direct3D hardware acceleration are enabled. If either one is disabled, try reinstalling the driver until this gets fixed. Depending on the XP distribution you may need to manually remove the already shipped ATI drivers from the device manager.


Re: Arcadeosd grid

Thanx, reinstalled the driver, everything works fine again