Topic: Windows desktop resolution

I've got some problems with my desktop resolution when exiting a game.
I'm connected to a Sony pvm 2950 with an ati 4850 + Emudriver and arcade osd when i Start the computer the desktop is in right resolution 640x480 60i and 15 kHz everything is fine but when i exit some games (not cps or mvs) the H sync seems to Be off the picture is really Blurry.
When i exit cps or mvs games i don't Have the problem all other games from mame make this problem.
All the game are working Nice but i can't manage to make the hyperspin menu as clear as i Start the computer.
I desinstalled and reinstalled the drivers but with no sucess.
Have You any idea please Cuz i posted on other forums with no answer.
Thanks for all.



Re: Windows desktop resolution

I have a 2950 and if I run anything interlaced there is a blur, due to how interlacing works. Interlacing is basically alternating frames at a very high rate which makes the picture blurry and if you look carefully it is wobbling very quickly. When you are in a emulator and its outputting at the native resolution and its prob running in a progressive format, so when you leave the emulator it then looks blurry because it is shifting from progressive to interlaced and you actually can see the difference when they shift so quickly. That would be my guess at least.


Re: Windows desktop resolution

I can't see any reason why exiting MAME would make the desktop look different than before. Can you make sure the resolution is the same before and after? Please try this by launching MAME from command line, not from HS.