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Topic: AMD 5670 + CRT EMU2.0 Troubles, New card suggestion?

Hi, I have a AMD 5670 I am trying to use with the 2.0 drivers and think it has issues. I followed the guides and everything installs and works great, when I switch over to EDID emulation I can get a picture out to my PVM but have issues. I have 2 PVMs and a Nanao 2931 monitor and I get different results on all 3. The closest I get to working is on my 20" Sony PVM where if I turn on a sync cleaner I can get a picture but you can see waves passing through it like its barely holding sync. My 2950Q PVM can not hold sync with or without the cleaner on. My Nanao 2931 cannot hold sync at all. On the PVMs i used Generic and Arcade 15.7 settings with the same results. On the Nanao I tried generic, arcade and the nanao settings, none can hold sync. The card itself has a dvi-i , hdmi, and DP. I am using DVI-I to VGA adapter on Analog 0. At this point I think its just my card that's having issues. Would I be better off buying a 4850 (pretty cheap) or any other suggestions of what to use? Would making sure the card has a VGA out and not a DVI-I help at all? I am on windows 7 currently for this install.

Link to the current card being used (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0033 … &psc=1).

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Re: AMD 5670 + CRT EMU2.0 Troubles, New card suggestion?

So I bought a 4850 and tried the current EMU2.0 driver and followed that install guide and also tried the older CRT EMU for windows 7 driver and still got the same result. I can get one PVM to sync, but not hte other (the one I want to use) the picture scrolls slowly from bottom to top, sync cleaner is on (also tried both sync inputs on back of the 2950).The vga to scart cable I am using is tying H and V Sync with a resistor to port 20 on the scart side. The 2950 takes H and Comp sync.  Pic included

First monitor scrolls uncontrollably vertical


Re: AMD 5670 + CRT EMU2.0 Troubles, New card suggestion?

Solved! Figured I would post the solution in case someone has the same issue in the future. It came down to the H/V Sync being outputted by the Radeon. The PVM just didnt want to lock onto it, I used an extron RGB to output a RGBs signal and no issues since. You can pick these up for cheap , cost me 16 bucks shipped.


Re: AMD 5670 + CRT EMU2.0 Troubles, New card suggestion?

Thanks, Grendelrt. An RGB interface is indeed a device I also recommend for anybody using a CRT for gaming these days. They have many uses. They were much less common in Europe than in the US, I'm afraid.


Re: AMD 5670 + CRT EMU2.0 Troubles, New card suggestion?

Hi Grendelrt,

Thanks for posting your solution. For a PVM connected by BNC-connectors, you need to mix H/V sync lines into a single composite sync line. I've succeeded to do this with a simple T-connector for my BVM, but this is not a good solution and may not work with some sets.

It's definitely better to mix the sources with an Extron device or by means of a custom built circuit if you have the skills to build it.