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I've recently successfully patched two radeon cards with 15kHz mode only. On both I use UEFI boot screen as well UEFI setup but windows 7 loading screen was changed from standard animated flag to old Vista loading. I suspect it's due fact that resolution 1024x768 in this case is not available so windows switch to 640x480i and uses the only available loading screen for this resolution. Is this would be correct?

Putting again card with default bios restores animated flag.


Re: Missing default windows 7 loading screen

Not a bug.

Check this article:

"Due to technical constraints in Win7, boot is always displayed in our recommended minimum resolution – 1024×768, regardless of the system’s native resolution."

However, because Windows 7 boot screen was hardcoded to run on 1024x768, when the OS doesn't find this VESA mode available it automatically falls back on the old Vista 640x480 boot screen. Thanks to Microsoft forseeing this circumstance we can enjoy a full boot sequence at 15 kHz.

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Re: Missing default windows 7 loading screen

Ups, somehow I miss this looking for answer via google, thanks Calamity.