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Topic: CRTEmudriver / VMM : No picture (HD 5450)

Hello, i wanted to play arcade games on a real crt tv and bought everything for it : an HD5450 with DVI-I input (no vga on the cord), a DVI-I to VGA adapter and a scart to VGA cable. i plugged everything, installed calamity drivers, everything went smoothly (was following calamity guide). Then, i had to enable EDID stuff on VMM, bur after that i don't get any picture. In fact, i never get a picture.

Everything is installed correctly, VMM shows me that on the DOS screen :

Getting driver information for \\.\DISPLAY40
ADL Library found, retrieving functions...
ADL functions retrieved successfully.
CRT Emudriver 2.0 (12.6) found.

but i can do anything i want, i never get a picture through the analog port, only in digital. I tried lots of profiles (Pal, NTSC, Arcade, generic), tried with extended unchecked and checked, installed with a IGPU activated and the CRT plugged, or with the IGPU disabled and no cabl and my monitor plugged on the HD5450, rebooted a hundred times, installed on every analog port listed... I even tried to hook the scart on my HDTV to see if it was my crt that was difficult, but still no picture at all...

I've been doing that for the past 2 hours, i really don't know what's the issue and it's driving me crazy...

I'm wondering if it's simply a sync issue and that the VGA to scart is not enough and i need a "converter" like the arcadeforge one ? I use this cable


Re: CRTEmudriver / VMM : No picture (HD 5450)

That cable is not for RGB signals, I'm afraid. You won't find D-sub-SCART RGB cables through E-Bay retailers or ordinary shops. The UMSA is a good, versatile solution but you need two cables for it, whereas some people make and sell an all-in-one solution.

http://geedorah.com/eiusdemmodi/forum/v … d=304#p304


Re: CRTEmudriver / VMM : No picture (HD 5450)

Mmmh ok i knew something was off with the cable... anyway thanks ! DO you know where i could buy one ?


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I'm not recommending a particular cable/seller given that I don't have personal experience with any and there're good and not-so-good ways to join the syncs. Ideally it should use specific circuitry just for that.