Topic: Is Radeon 7870 XT supported?

After succesfully installing CRT Emudriver, it detects my Radeon 7870XT with the name %AMD679E.1% (no info about CRT emudriver installed). Windows 7 Device Manager detects it with that name as well.


Is this normal?


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Re: Is Radeon 7870 XT supported?

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Sorry I missed this one.

Your card is supported, as long as it is detected by the installer. It's only that there's a typo in the .inf file corresponding with the name of your card, so the commercial name is not properly read, that's all. It's just a name that has no meaning for the system, one could write "Radeon 7870 XT" or "Genghis Khan" in there, no difference.


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Thank you very much, Calamity.  :)

I had some doubts about it.
I'll try it next week in my arcade monitor (hantarex polo) and let you know about it.

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Re: Is Radeon 7870 XT supported?

I can confirm that the 7870 xt with emudrivers 2.0 are working great!! I've corrected the typo in the .inf file, so my card is well named (with the wrong name, I had an issue with hwmonitor: the soft was crashing. Don't know if there is a cause/consequence relationship).

I just have some issue with 7870xt, atom-15 and a WG D9400. I had my system running well, but the Windows seven boot sequence was out of range on my D9400. I've flashed the hd7870xt with atom-15. I've checked the 3 frequencies (I supposed my monitor can handled those...). At the restart, the boot sequence was good displayed. I thought all was perfect, but Windows gave me just a black screen (even with another LCD monitor). I've reinstalled Windows 7. My d9400 display all the installation steps very well (even boot sequences). All seemed to work, so I installed the CRT emudrivers. I restart. My D9400 is out of range (normal step of the installation). I connect a LCD screen to see Something, but black screen. I can't go further in the setup, I see Nothing... (even with another cable and another LCD screen).

I've tried atom15 with another combination of resolutions (15khz an 24 khz) to see if the issue come from this. Same problem (black screen just after installation of the crt emudrivers). The LCD screen detect a signal with 1024x768 60 Hz resolution. But it stay black. I'll try to flash the bios with 24 and 31 khz just to see if it change something...

Maybe it's an issue with atom15 and HD7870xt... I'll let you know if I can go further ;)


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Interesting. May I ask you to try to install a newer Catalyst version (non-CRT Emudriver), or even better, a recent Crimson package?

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Re: Is Radeon 7870 XT supported?

Thanks for your support calamity ;)

At the moment I've flashed my 7870xt with its original bios again so I can play some games. Emudrivers 2.0 are really perfect with this card. I'm limited with 105 modelines for hyperspin, but that's enough to have all my arcade games at their native résolutions.

If you want me to make some tests, no problem. Your work is amazing, so I would be happy to help as much as I can. Tell me what you want to test. I could install atom with the 3 possibilities checked, and then install the catalyst (and not the crt emudrivers) to see if I have this black screen again. I'll restart with a fresh installation of seven and I'll try Crimson package instead. I'll give you the results of those tests. Let me know if you have other tests to make ;)


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Here are the results of the tests:

Installed atom with latest Crimson relive 17.1.1 and all display perfect. I tried catalyst 15.7.1 and all was good too. With Atom 15, I was able to display 1280x960 on the D9400 during the installation. I have absolutely no issue with those 2 drivers and Atom 15. Do you want me to test others drivers package?

So, my issue seems to come from emudrivers!?...

Thanks again, hope this can help you to improve your fabulous drivers ;)


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Many thanks Shinobi68.

I'm working on a new Emudriver based on Crimson 16, which will probably solve your issues right away.


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Thanks for your new emudrivers. I tested those new drivers with latest atom and all is perfect. I have no issues anymore with the 7870xt and the great combination atom/emudrivers. Once again, thank you for your amazing work ;)