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Topic: Monitor stays on black screen after restart

I've tried to find a thread here and on BYOAC addressing this and didn't see one. Please forgive my ignorance if it's already posted somewhere.

My setup:

Windows 7 PRO 64-bit
AMD RADEON HD 7570 1GB (identifies as a Radeon HD 7500 series in Device Manager)
Dell Intel LGA1155 Motherboard D28YY 0D28YY
Intel i5 2300
CRT Emudriver & CRT Tools 2.0 beta 14 (Crimson 16.2.1 non-GCN* cards) for Windows 7/8/10 64-bits

After installing CRT Emu driver windows "Restart" option from start menu seems to be broken. Windows start screen doesn't show up after rebooting, just a black screen, which forces me to shut down the PC with power button. No problems when using "Shutdown" button and with restarting when the driver is uninstalled. The driver itself seems to be working correctly when the windows is loaded (correct native resolution, both GPU and monitor detected).

edit: tested on normal PC monitor, not CRT (still waiting for a scart cable). Clean Windows 7 PRO installation, with just drivers, all latest windows updates, CRT Emu driver and nothing else.


Re: Monitor stays on black screen after restart

Have you enabled EDID emulation on the correct output?