Topic: Black screen


New to this but here we go

B&O MX7000
ATI HD5850

Installed driver according to guide and activated EIDE for right output but TV stays just black.

So here is my "stupid" question... Do i need something like USMA?
I am starting to think that i might be the cable im using?

I have this Micritronik VGA -> Scart cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microconnect-A … B004E9JXO2


Re: Black screen

It's the cable. The UMSA is a good solution if you already have spare (and good) D-sub and SCART cables, otherwise it'll be the most expensive. What you're looking for is a cable especially made for this matter (RGBHV into RGBS), so you'll need to find a home-made product.