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Topic: Atari 5200 and Sega Genesis Modelines.


Super resolutions works very well with groovyume.

I use groovyume only for mame now, but I plan to use it for Atari 5200, Sega Genesis . (Still have to undesrtand how to configure ume in Hyperspin/Hyperlaunch).

For the moment, I use kat5200 and Fusion.

But since I upgraded from "magic" resolutions" to "super resolutions', both emulators can't run the games at their native resolution : I have to set "double size" (it means interlaced res, imo) in both emulators. The result is acceptable, but not as good as native progressive resolutions.

Before running Vmmaker, I've added in the reslist.txt the resolution 320x200@60.00 for a5200, and I copy/pasted the genesis resolutions.

But obviously it doesn't work (under arcadeOSD, 320x200 was marked as not supported though)

What is the exact resolution that I have to  type in rslist for both systems ?


Re: Atari 5200 and Sega Genesis Modelines.

Hi EvilDindon,

The modes you need for the Megadrive are already in the original ReslList.txt file, just copy and paste those into the "super" version for the file. Then run VMM. Fusion will use those modes without problems, make sure to use enable the "Advanced options". I've no experience with Kat5200, but it will likely work in a similar way.

I currently use GroovyUME for the Megadrive and it works really well, it will switch resolutions dynamically for the games requiring it. Even from progressive to interlaced, as Sonic II does.


Re: Atari 5200 and Sega Genesis Modelines.

How's it for Mega-CD? Fusion also does the dynamic resolution switching, though never tried Sonic 2. I believe MD's interlaced modes may not be included in ReslList.txt currently, since those were a programming afterthought more than orthodox behaviour and the only game using them (it) is Sonic 2. If anyone's going to add them, remember that they keep the horizontal resolution from the base modelines (256 and 320 pixels).


Re: Atari 5200 and Sega Genesis Modelines.

I haven't tested any Mega-CD games, I don't have CD based games for any system currently. But I will try when I have the chance. You're totally right about Fusion, by the way.