Topic: hardware/software for shaders at OS level

Hi all,

TL;DR is there a hardware/software to apply shaders at OS level ?

I am looking all over the net to try to find a hardware OR software solution that would help apply shader-style effects on the whole system (the OS).
What I mean is something similar to the scanline generators (hardware), but the advanced version of it, meaning that it would at least help get the curvature to simulate the CRT aspect, control the brightness and contrast, and the scanline thickness (not just 'thin/thick/off').

Extra would be to be able to play a bit with the RGG, and with some images shifting to make it 'blurry' or video tape style etc, and more would be gold.

I know about the hardware solution such as the SLG3000, the cheap DIY version of it, the Framemeister, the HDMI scanline generator etc: but it only do scanlines.

I know about the software solution such as SweetFX or Reshade: but it only applies to some games.

I know also that each emulators have a way to load shaders: but the hassle is to manage the shaders for each system, playing with the shader version, ensuring that it really fits the output we want (load, try it out, change, repeat) and it only applies to some emulators.

Therefore, I wonder if it exists a solution that is at the OS level, therefore bypassing any need of specific config.

If it doesn't, how hard would it be to create the hardware solution ? I have the feeling that the scanline generators are not that complexe.

Thanks for any tips, hints, links, and for your time !