Topic: Migrating website; downtime in very few days.

Not sure when, exactly, but the Site will be down for a few hours, maybe days, this week. There's a possibility we can't get this Forum working immediately (and with it, all the information here will be temporarily lost -- be aware it could be even for weeks), depending on how Pun-BB responds. So, in that case, we'll make the announcements on the frontpage, so please, remember this URL:


Any contribution from now on till the migration is done will be lost. We'll update this thread when we're back to normal.


Re: Migrating website; downtime in very few days.

Back to normal, kind of.

Registration still requires sending us an e-mail to postbackweb [@] yahoo [.] com



Re: Migrating website; downtime in very few days.

Around the 1st of January we'll be migrating once again. This time it's sure the Forum will be down for several days --probably weeks--, given that we'll likely need to update de DB's and change the software.

The GM guide was captured here in case it's needed:


Some archived threads, from here:


Again, any news in case we can't get this working again, we'll be posted here:


So keep this in mind.

Also, any post after the 28th of December will be lost forever due to this process.

Best wishes,