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Topic: Please, read this first (registration)

This is the subforum to make questions and discuss everything directly related to Calamity's application software -- CRT Emudriver, Video Mode Maker, Arcade OSD, and ATOM-15, which can be downloaded from here. Please, make sure you've read the available manuals (as the ones in the Documentation section) and the existing threads here before making a question; it may already be answered. The "search" button in the Forum's navigation line is fully operational, in case.

Also, use only English, please, as correctly as you can. That includes proper capitalization and punctuation marks. Lazy writing will be understood as a misrespect towards the members here and will hardly be tolerated.

If you want to register an account and can't, our contact address is postbackweb [@] yahoo [.] com (subject: "Eiusdemmodi"). Due to spam issues, forum registration may be disabled -- let us know the username you want to register if that's the case by sending us an e-mail.

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Re: Please, read this first (registration)

Automatic registration disabled again. Please, send us a line to postbackweb [@] yahoo [.] com (subject: "Eiusdemmodi") with your username to manually register it.


Re: Please, read this first (registration)

User registration not working as of now. Will post a message here when it's all solved.


Re: Please, read this first (registration)

Registration should be working again. Please, if you find any issue or don't get a verification e-mail within a couple of hours, send me an e-mail at postbackweb [@] yahoo [.] com (subject: "Eiusdemmodi").

If you ever find the registration system isn't available, it's an anti-spam measure. Send me an e-mail also as explained above.