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Topic: Cannot get stable image on CRT

Hi, Calamity...
Trying to set up CRT Emudriver with a K7400 on a MSI Radeon HD 6570 & Windows 7, 64-bit
I'm brand new at this and using an LCD to configure, then swapping out to the VGA to the CRT to check for image.
I had a networking guy help me get this far, he wrote:

I Set up the motherboard bios (F12 at boot) to allow both video ports to be used.
Now we can change settings without losing the screen.

CRT EMU was Not installed
I could not install it, it was blue screening.
I removed the AMD driver, deleted c:\amd, and rebooted.
Windows installed the generic VGA driver for the Radeon Card.
I installed CRTemu over the vga driver. it was successful.

Now 640x200 shows up in the list in vmm. I installed those modes.
---- crt emu looks pretty good at this point -------

640x200 doesn't show up as an option for the CRT though in control panel.
The image on screen is still not right, sync is off but something is visible.

Launching Mame in this config, launches it on the "windows main monitor"
and it isn't where we want to run it.

If I set the CRT to be "windows main monitor", without the image right, we can't see or click things.

I would be content if I could see a good image on the CRT, move a window to that screen and read it.
If I could do that, I could try MAME video settings to see if they do some of this for us.
I've uploaded a vid of the current screen, if that helps: https://vimeo.com/user42734930/review/4 … 2aa6a965a9
I have adjustment knobs on CRT board and cabinet...too nervous to try them as I don't want to throw it off if I have it wrong.

Thanks and I truly appreciate the help and the software!