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Topic: Help with not groovymame games/app

Hello community,

I've a question for you.
I have an hd4890 with crtemudriver and everything MAME related woks like a charm.I use a dual monitor/TVcrt configuration.
The issues begin when I try to run not mame games on my crt(small indie games):
If the app runs on my pc monitor I get a solid 60 frame all the way, but if it runs on my crt TV the frame goes down to 40/50 and it is never stable.
I tried to disconnect my pc monitor, to change my crt tv resolution or to disable vsync from the app itself, but i got always the same results.
Is there anything I can do to fix these issues???Because the picture quality is stunning on my CRT TV!!!
Well, thank you SO much guys...bye for now.