Topic: Help to configure ATI Rx550 with crt emudriver


I recently got an ATI RX 550 to boost performance of Naomi roms on my arcade.

I followed Calamity’s installation guide for crt emudriver, in its version 18.5  (windows 7) for GCN cards and so far my pc recognizes the GPU.

I then installed Super resolutions (as recommended for newer GPU’s) using the .txt file included in crt emudriver’s folder using vwmaker, selecting Arcade 15khz and selecting static option. Later lines are generated and installed.

In addition, I experimented with Arcade OSD and after set the desktop resolution to 2056 x 480 (or any resolution within the range of 240 to 580) x 15 khz, I was able to get a single video image in my crt (although the folders seem to be stretched as when entering a black hole).

When launching Hyperspin, all seems to fit in its place, but when launching any game (Naomi or mame for instance) I continue getting one single video image (not 3 as before when using only vwmaker) although 1/3 of its size right in the middle of the screen.

Needless to say that after rebooting the arcade pc, the single video image gets lost and the 3 video images come back to life.

All the above steps executed as administrator.

I was wondering that perhaps I missed a relevant step when configuring or maybe used an old .txt file but at this stage I’m quite lost.

Any help to get through the finish line would be much appreciated.