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i have a windows 7 setup with crt emudriver installed. its outputting to a toshiba crt. in arcadeOSD, i changed the vertical resolution of the 256x192 so that its not as letterboxed at top n bottom. however, when im in retroarch, any of my Nx192 resolutions are still squished. what am i doing wrong? is there an override i dunno about?


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What do you mean with this?

i changed the vertical resolution of the 256x192

You can't change the v. resolution and still get 192 lines. And if you alter the vertical geometry with AOSD you'll be changing the v. refresh as well.

Anyway, normally a mode of 192 h. lines is not really intended for full-screen display -- black borders at top and bottom are naturally present since ordinary 15-kHz CRTs expect 224 lines and above. You can "force", however, full screen by messing with the monitor's vertical amplitude, though other geometry aspects may suffer in the process.

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Thanks for the reply. What I meant by that was I was able to expand my Nx192 resolutions. And yes, that also affected the V refresh. It was like 65Hz or something. My point is I was able to do it and it showed through in the desktop. The visible area was bigger (less black bars at top and bottom). So I was wondering if anyone here knew how to make changes such as this and have it also show in programs like retroarch, where in my scenario, the Nx192 resolutions look as if I'd never messed with AOSD at all.
I hope that clears up what I'm asking. I'm not asking if it's possible to tweak a resolution, I'm asking if there are overrides in retroarch that I'm unaware of.


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I'm not used to RA so I'm not the best to tell, but, if I'm not mistaken, unlike most other programs, RA these days indeed "overrides" AOSD definitions much like Groovy MAME does, so your best bet is asking in the RA forum how to properly configure it for what you want to do (i. e. porting a specific modeline from, say, AOSD).

Said that, what you want to do goes against any possible logic. If RA has evolved in this particular regard lately is precisely to keep the original video timings and be as accurate as possible to the emulated hardware. You're sacrificing all this (and at the cost of a +8 % speed jump, no less) just to get a full-screen display, which either, isn't supposed to be, or is easily achievable with the monitor's (TV's) geometry settings.


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Well I'll be goddamned. Thank you. That actually makes sense. I'll leave it as is from now on.