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Hello retro-enthusiasts, I'm here because I need some help and guidance, and maybe you can help me with your knowledge and experience.

I have an old PC with an Athlon 64 X2 3.2Ghz and an ATI HD 4670, and I'd love to turn it into a retro arcade machine. My girlfriend has this old TV: Hitachi Calypso 14" (this doesn't me allowed to post links or images)

What steps would you recommend I take to achieve this exciting adventure? (regarding software, cables, adapters? etc.)


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First and foremost is knowing which video inputs that TV set allows. A quick Google-fu tells me that it's an American model, perhaps? So hardly it'll work with RGB, which is mandatory for this purpose. If it does with component video signal (unlikely at that size, I'd say), there're transcoders to do the conversion from RGB, but usually they're not cheap nor hassle-free.

Once you have the TV issue sorted out, you need the proper video cables, which will depend on your transcoder's demands. As for the software part, here in this forum is all you'll need.

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Thank you for your reply, Recap! I'm very ignorant on TVs and signals conversion, sorry for that.

This TV only have RCA connectors. I was hoping that a simple cable like this


(lowering the frequency to 15Hz) would allow me to receive the signal correctly. But I guess from what you tell me that is not possible, right?


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Nope. CRT Tools are suitable only for RGB signals. And for a reason, believe me.


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I believe you Recap, with all my heart and my sadness.

With your experience, what do you recommend me to do? Find another TV? Or is there an adapter that you can recommend?


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If you're somewhere in the Americas, I'm not the best to tell, but it'll definitely lead to getting another monitor. An arcade monitor, aside of being bigger, always used RGB signal, which happens to be the cleanest, best video you can get for non-HD gaming, so you should look for 15-kHz RGB monitors.

Unfortunately most TVs sold outside Europe didn't have RGB inputs, so "easy" options are few and expensive -- old 15-kHz computer monitors or broadcasting displays and the likes. There're arcade monitors as well but they're not easy to use without a cab. They're bigger, though.

You can get a TV set with component video inputs as well as mentioned -- many people use transcoders, which, if working properly, will get you the same result as RGB as it's just a color-space conversion. Again, TVs like these aren't easy to find at this point, I guess, and a good, verified transcoder isn't cheap, either.

Some people are modding non-RGB TVs for RGB, and some others are just using high-end PC CRT monitors with double-scan offset techniques (as they're 31-kHz RGB and above) with acceptable results. This latter option has the advantage of also serving for displaying high-resolution games as they should.

Asking here will likely give you more precise answers as it's a US-based forum:

http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.p … 4urvu&

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Re: ATI HD 4670 to old TV CRT Hitachi

I forgot to mention that I'm from Argentina, so yes, I have an RGB problem clearly haha

I'll look into transcoders or get a PC CRT monitor eventually. Thank you very much for your patience and all the details Recap, I really appreciate it.


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Im from argentina too loking to do the same as you. please update us if you get somethin working