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Topic: Composite Sync Pin

Hello, I am not receiving color from my VGA to S-Video/Composite transcoder with composite sync enabled.

I have asked the creator and received this reply.

“ I think there is a sync problem. That's the radeon output separate hsync and vsync signal, but the adapter only receives composite sync through pin 13. This adapter is for MiSTer or other FPGA devices able to output composite signal on pin 13.”

The transcoder: https://antoniovillena.es/store/product … o-adapter/

Using a Radeon HD 5450 graphics card, which I have gotten a good image from the VGA port before with VGA to BNC cable.

Is this transcoder just not compatible or should it be working fine and I received a dud? The picture is completely stable as well.

I have tested both the S-Video and composite outputs as well. With very good cables. No color from either.

Appreciate any help.