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Topic: Atom-15 not working with R9-290/Windows 10

I just changed my GPU with R9-290. Atom-15 is not working with this card/emudrivers/windows10. I have a wells gardner D9400 and tried the three resolutions but my monitor is out of range. On an LCD screen it's a strange resolution, impossible to read. So I had to flash m y card again with the original bios.
This post is just to share my experience. I had the same problem  with Radeon 7870 XT before Calamity updated the crt emudrivers. Perhaps a new version could solve this issue. Hope there will be a new version. Atom 15 is really cool to protect my monitor. I have a switch to power it when windows is running. That's not a big issue compared to all that the emudrivers are changing my life. Thanks again for those incredible drivers ;)

Edit: Seems that the newer cards don't deals with old resolutions anymore. The R9 290 has no analog output. Perhaps the problem comes from that. And even with groovymame Some resolutions aren't supported. I'll try with a HD 7970 instead