Topic: Help Im totally Lost

Hi , My name is Humberto. I need some kind of orientation.

I bought a Hp Elitedesk a mini pc

AMD pro a10-8770E r7
cores 4c + 6g 2.80Ghz
8gb Ram
128 gb SSD

I tried to use the vmmaker twice one time using  win 8 and  other with win10 both with same result. I installed sucessfully the emudriver I used crt_emu_&_tools_2.0_beta_15_18.5.1_w.10.64

edit settings-> video card. On edid emulation Output. the drop list show nothing. Im stuck on this step. how Ive said I tried on w8 and w10
any ideas?  is the PC capable to use with VMMaker or I should sell it and buy other?
This link has pics what I see on vMMAker https://mega.nz/folder/9c0k1DSY#57csShOz27lIWl7xfCJgIA

I already have the j-pac and a astro city.

thx in advance


Re: Help Im totally Lost

Hi hzero,

Sorry for the late answer.

You don't have entries in the EDID drop-down list because that's an APU and all its ouputs are seen internally as DP. EDID emulation is not supported over DP.

You should still be able to install video modes as usual, but you may face some issues like no support for interlace modes nor low dotclocks.