Topic: Custom Sync Timings for Ikegami HTM?

Does anyone know if it would be possible, and if so how to generate timings to create a composite sync signal that would be acceptable to an Ikegami HTM-1907 and an HTM-1917? The HD Ikegamis seem to be very picky about their sync and I haven't been able to get anything stable yet from a PC although my Extron test signal generator looks great on all resolutions.

Other people that I have spoke with have had to use Extron Rxi devices to sync with the HTMs. I tried an RGB 192 but it did nothing.


Re: Custom Sync Timings for Ikegami HTM?

Hi beans,

Have you tried the composite sync option in VMMaker?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YsCj55 … amity15kHz


Re: Custom Sync Timings for Ikegami HTM?


I have tried the composite sync option, but the sync signal is not compatible with the Ikegami HTM. I do believe this is the pickiest of any professional monitors when it comes to sync. It requires an Extron sync processor to get a usable signal.

I think if it was possible to get the driver to sync with the HTM then it would likely sync with anything else.