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Topic: CRT Emu Driver:Unable to get a stable signal on a WG D9800 with R5 230

Background below, I wanted to get right to the point and not waste anyone's time.

Picked up a cheap R5 230 for a new Windows 10 build specifically for a dedicated arcade monitor setup.

Using "CRT Emudriver & CRT Tools 2.0 beta 15 (Crimson 16.2.1 non-GCN* cards) for Windows 7/8/10 64-bits". Adrenalin did not work for my machine and detected my card as a "HD 6450" for some reason, and VMMaker wouldn't detect the driver was successfully installed.

Anyway, going through the guide on this page https://geedorah.com/eiusdemmodi/forum/ … 1052#p1052 and I hit a wall.

I have an LCD plugged into the DVI port. When I select the Analog VGA output, click "Enable EDID Emulation", the LCD goes black (my cheap monitor doesn't show any out-of-frequency messages, but aside from that it's probably normal to go black). But when I plug my WG D9800 into the VGA port, the video signal is all scrambled. The CRT actually has a "no signal" overlay but I can see a really unstable picture behind it, very bright and dark lines and lots of flickering and like vertical hold going crazy. I can just barely make out the cursor to click the "Disable EDID" button so I can hit that and my LCD comes back (but the CRT then looks even more flickery so I just unplug it).

Did I miss a step? Is my card broken? I had read about some cards not being able to go to low enough dot clocks, but it didn't really say which cards could and which cards couldn't. If this card can't, is there any alternative other than looking for a different card?

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?


Re: CRT Emu Driver:Unable to get a stable signal on a WG D9800 with R5 230

Hi mazaw,

By your description, I'd say EDID emulation is working and it's doing its thing, but there's a sync problem. It's not a min dotclock issue, that's a different thing and if that was the case you'd never be able to even make out the cursor.

I don't know if you've ever got that monitor working with the output of a PC before, or just with anything else. But in any case you need to diagnose the sync issue. I'd start by checking:

- The cable
- Sync polarities (VMMaker by default uses negative polarities for H & V)
- Check it the chassis is expecting c-sync or separate sync. Some monitors have jumpers for this.
- H-freq or V-freq potentiometers might need some adjustment (in case the D9800 has any)