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Topic: Question regarding HD5000 and Windows XP x86

Ok first off Thank you thank you thank you calamity!

seeing The Tower on Mortal Kombat II scroll smoothly for the very first time almost brought a tear to my eye!

i never thought the installation of this driver would be this easy and pretty much plug and play, like i was hesitant to switch from my ArcadeVGA to this.
and it was no hassle at all!

anyway, here is my question

is there any way that i could force the windows XP drivers (x86) to work with a HD5000 (HD5870)?

if this would be possible in any way, i'd be eternally gratefull to you calamity and everyone else that helped get this driver where it is now.

and the reason why is because i'm using 2 Guncon lightguns with the Guncon2PC driver, and the only working driver is for Windows XP x86

like just having basic support (like 640x480 interlaced) would be enough because i really need a 15.7 Khz signal to get it to work

again many thanks for this driver, it's awesome!

Oops i totally forgot to add my specifications

Wells Gardner d9800
ATI Radeon HD5870
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Cooler MAster MWE Bronze 450
G Skill Ripjaws V F4-2400c15d-8gvr
Kingston A400 SSD 480Gb


Re: Question regarding HD5000 and Windows XP x86

Hi dampkapp,

I'm sorry that this answer is probably too late, but maybe it can help others reaching this thread.

No, there's no way to force the driver to work on XP. It's a different driver architecture the one XP used. We had to move forwared and XP is 20 years old.

But, I've heard there's at least a project to bring real lightguns to modern Windows, maybe even the Guncons, in the near future. So let's hope it becomes a reality.


Re: Question regarding HD5000 and Windows XP x86

no worries :) it's never too late.

this will prevent me from going into any rabbit holes trying to force the driver to work which wouldn't be good for my sanity.

so thanks for the reply calamity, all the work you do and this awesome driver!