Topic: Driver installation crashes in Windows 10

I've used CRT emudriver for more than 8 years now and I can't thank Calamity enough for these fabolous driver and his support in this forum

I use CRT emudrivers in Win XP (32-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit).

I decided to migrate to genuine Windows 10. PC is the same where Windows 7 and emudrivers go together with no issues.

Windows 10, Fresh install, (2 times using different SSDs)

Run Setup.exe as admin (also tried standard run)

At first, everything is fine: setup displays
"emudriver needs to enable TESTSIGNING""
Click OK  then I force reboot after been asked to.

OS is now in test mode (watermark at bottom right)

I run Setup once again and see popup prompts "Install drivers".

Click OK button.
Installation bar stops at 1/4 and after a couple of seconds, a BSOD appears
"Page fault in non paged area" - file atikmadg.sys

PC reboots then  I can run Setup again and "Uninstall" option is active.

Apparently, driver is not properly installed:
display resolution goes 640x480 (via Quickres)
but when I switch to CRT display (changing analog cable from 4/3 LCD to CRT tv)
I have only a black screen.

Tried beta_15_12.6_W.7.8.10-64 and beta 14

Windows 10 Pro build 19041.vb_relase.191206-1406
Radeon 5700 series
no problem at all using Windows 7, same PC.

Could anyone suggest any further step, please?
Thank you in advance.


Re: Driver installation crashes in Windows 10

Hi icemac,

Please use the version based on Crimson 16.2.1.

The one based on 12.6 is ancient and just provided to support legacy (pre-HD 5000) cards. It's not suited for Windows 10. It used to work though with first Windows 10 releases (that's why it's labelled as Win-10 compatible). But Windows 10 is a moving target.


Re: Driver installation crashes in Windows 10

Thank you very much, Calamity!! I succeded in installing emudrivers 16.2.1 in Win10!! (i must admit I were confused about different drivers releases...). Sorry for my delayed reply.