Topic: Atom-15 on UEFI bios

I know the documentation says it might not work, and I think i'm in one of those scenarios.

Since i couldnt boot to DOS with this bios either, I had to take the risk and flash the modded bios on without testing it first.

My system doesnt boot with it :(

I can however boot when I have my DVI plugged into an external monitor. Once Windows boots, i get my RGB output as well as the 1080p output to second monitor.

This got me thinking, as this setup is in my arcade cabinet. I'd prefer to keep this BIOS on to preserve my monitor during power-on. Could I theoretically just use a HDMI dummy plug to emulate a monitor on the HDMI port? I'm guessing it might be able to trick the UEFI bios into thinking its a capable monitor..


Re: Atom-15 on UEFI bios

Adding a follow-up for future readers:

I went ahead and got a HDMI dummy plug, and it works perfectly!
My UEFI bios required a high resolution display to be connected for it to post properly, and with this plug it solved my problem.


Re: Atom-15 on UEFI bios

Do you see any 15 kHz bios post on your CRT when the HDMI dummy is plugged?


Re: Atom-15 on UEFI bios

sorry for such late response, but no it does not display anything on the CRT during post, im fairly certain that is being directed to the dummy plug.