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Hi guys. Im new to this crtemu world and I need some advice of witch Ati card should I buy. Currently im using Nvidia 1060 and windows 10. I managed to make my nvidia output a 240p signal to my tv and it works. But I recently discovered, the crtemudrivers and for what I understand, they are better for task.
My question is:
Wich video card do you recommend me to buy?
I want the most powerfull Ati cards that supports the driver. I read the compatility list but as I never used this cards I´m confused with all the models and names they have.



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It's said that R-9 supports DVI-I analogue out up to the 380/380X model. That should be the most powerful if you're using it for something else than GM.

It is also said that you can use any AMD card just to output 15 kHz and use a stronger Nvidia GPU to handle the rest. Don't ask me how, though.


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I have it. I found a Radeon 5850 that has dvi-i outputs. They are analog and digital from what I understand. My last daubt is, do I need any converter between my video card and my sony trinitron? Or can I just plug in it with a dvi-i component cable directly?


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If your TV doesn't support RGB you'll need a transcoder, yep. Many people are modding their TVs for RGB if they're good sets, on the other hand.


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I searched everywhere in my country and it is impossible to find a vga to component converter. But I already have an hdmi to component converter. If I use a vga to hdmi adapter and then conect it to the this converter, could it work well? would I have any issue with resolutions or anything? Thanks.


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Likely it wouldn't. It's not an easy search, as far as I've read -- there're very few transcoders available that work properly for this, it seems. The subject have been discussed more than once on BYOAC:

http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.p … ,52.0.html


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I was wondering if I really need a powerful video card. I have an Nvidia 1060 as my main board. I wanna have the Ati as secondary card to output the emulated games to my crt. Can the nvidia be the main processor unit for this task? Or I can't choose and it has to be the Ati?


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There at BYOAC there're people saying it's possible.


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I wanted to do some Dreamcast and ps2 too. I don't know if a 5450 can do that. Also I want some retroarch runahead to reduce inputlag. I know that needs power. With my nvidia there's no issue with these.