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Topic: One more issue on interlaced resolutions [AMD A10 Pro + UMSA]


I'm posting my message because despite long evenings looking for a solution, I haven't found it.
I would like to use an old Toshiba TV to broadcast Youtube videos.
My main goal is not to use several modelines but simply the famous 640x480 interlaced.

My setup:
Mini PC HP EliteDesk 705 G3, equipped with AMD APU 10 Pro 9700 (GPU Radeon R7 Series)
VGA output > UMSA card > Old French TV with SCART RGB input.

The installation of the Adrenaline Beta 15 version works very well, my video card is recognized.
In VMMaker, I select the PAL/50hz monitor.
The UMSA card appears as a generic Non-PnP monitor.

First point, despite several attempts, it is impossible to make the EDID emulation menu appear, whatever the selected monitor.
Despite this, I can generate and install the standard modelines. They are perfectly visible in Arcade_OCD and I can apply them.

The progressive scan resolutions work perfectly, in 50 and 60hz.
The resolutions in interlaced scan appear cut, as if the vertical frequency was divided by 2.
I tried to modify the polarity of the synchronization frames, on the software or on the UMSA card, without results.
I also tried an another VGA cable....

Vidéo & Pictures : https://photos.app.goo.gl/C9i9PZUxf4ADgQtGA

Thanks in advance or your help

Dancorp, Marseille, France


Re: One more issue on interlaced resolutions [AMD A10 Pro + UMSA]

It's only after I submitted my message that I realize that the problem is in fact related to my configuration.

https://geedorah.com/eiusdemmodi/forum/ … php?id=709

It might be useful, and more serious, to indicate the limitations of APU architectures in the download page.
Could the interlaced mode be supported by Calamity drivers in the future?


Re: One more issue on interlaced resolutions [AMD A10 Pro + UMSA]

Hi Dancorp,

APU's support is sort of hit and miss because of the difficulty to actually own or have access the hardware required to test, and the (unfortunate) lack of user's interest.

I do believe, however, that interlace is supported on Linux through the radeon driver for that specific hardware.

I recommend you to check Groovy Arcade for this: https://github.com/substring/os/releases


Re: One more issue on interlaced resolutions [AMD A10 Pro + UMSA]

I want to thank you for your answer.
I understand completely your difficulties to develop drivers for such a large panel of chipsets.

With this mini PC, I thought I had the ideal solution and despite my disappointment, I am happy to learn that Linux could meet my expectations.

So I'm going to look in this direction

Thank you for your fabulous work