Topic: So close to getting PC output on my CRT TV... please help me!

Hello everyone, I need help :)

For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to get my PC to output to a CRT TV (a Daewoo HT201S).

In order to do this, I have been using the following:

  • a Retro Upgrades VGA2SCART Sync Converter.

  • a Nvidia Card combined with Custom Resolution Utility

  • two Radeon Cards, one Mobility card in my laptop and a desktop HD8490.

  • CRT Emudriver, VMMaker and Arcade OSD with the Radeon cards.

After various tutorials, I have managed to get an image to output to the CRT, but the image is always rolling, regardless of the configuration of the above items.

After messing around with dot clock settings, I was able to get a slightly more stable picture, but it was still rolling.

I was going to post pictures of my set up, (VMMaker, CRT Emudriver, ArcadeOSD etc) settings but forums rules say only one link is allowed, so here is a link to my google drive with all the pictures and video example:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … share_link

Additionally, I have tried the following cables:

  • VGA Out to SCART (from the Nvidia Card)

  • VGA Out to SCART (from the Radeon Laptop)

  • DVI out > VGA adapter > SCART (from the Radeon Desktop)

  • DisplayPort> VGA Adapter > SCART (from the Radeon Desktop)

And what you can see in the images is basically what I managed with all of them.

Please please PLEASE help me as I believe I am close to getting this to work!

Thankyou to anyone who is reading this.


Re: So close to getting PC output on my CRT TV... please help me!

Hi akira251,

Sorry, I've just seen your post. Can you share what you did to fix it?