Topic: crtemudriver Catalyst or Crimson and a few trouble

Hi!  first of all thanks for this great work and for time you dedicate to!
It's all new to me, so be patient.

I have successfully followed this guide  to setup crtemudriver on intel i3 pc with Powercolor HD6750.

I have seen this video card can work with Catalyst and with Crimson, so i have done a few test, under win10 x64

When i install Catalyst, mame works fine with super-res but when i try to run naomi2 games, Demul crash with an error about atidxx32.dll (looking on windows registry), and EmulationStation also works fine.

I have tried Crimson, mame works fine, and also naomi2 games with Demul works, but when i run EmulationStation on full screen, video card stop working @15khz (so i have to plug a lcd monitor). If i kill EmulationStation i can reconnect my crt.
This happens only if EmulationStation is in full screen, if i run it in windowed mode, it goes fine.

In your opinion, which driver is better and how can i sole one or the other problem?


Re: crtemudriver Catalyst or Crimson and a few trouble

no one on windows 10 yet?


Re: crtemudriver Catalyst or Crimson and a few trouble

Hi Ozzy,

Sorry for the late answer.

You should always use the latest version that supports your card, in your case the Crimson based one, specially if you're on Windows 10. The older 12.6 one barely works on 10 and is just provided for backwards compatibilty with pre-HD 5000 cards.

With regards to the issue you're seeing, it's not linked to Windows 10 actually, but to AMD External Events service, which forces 640x480 at 31 kHz when some programs don't explicitely ask for a specific refresh rate (many don't unfortunately). Anyway, the solution that has worked for many people is to disable this service permanently.