Topic: 480i on AMD APU

Hey all. I recently bought an HP EliteDesk that I plan to use as my CRT media center PC. I have used CRT Emudriver before, but using a discrete graphics card. That is unfortunately no longer an option as my 3090ti is blocking both of my PCIE slots.

My new media center is based on an AMD A808600B with an AMD Radeon R6 APU. It seems that APU do not support EDID emulation, so I am a little stuck on how to get 15kHz output from my VGA port. All I need is 480i at 15kHz, but I am not sure if this is possible or not anymore.

1. I downloaded an installed CRT Emudriver & CRT Tools 2.0 beta 15 (Crimson 16.2.1 for GCN* cards) for Windows 7/8/10 64-bits
2. Enabled Test Signing Mode
3. Installed the CRT Emudriver
4. Ran vmmaker, and tried both Arcade 15.7 kHz, and Generic 15.7 kHz Monitor Types
5. I selected \\.DISPLAY 2 - AMD Radeon R6 Graphics  Generic Non-PnP Monitor - enabled
6. <<Discovered that EDID list is empty, due to GFX coming from API>>
7. I enabled Composite Sync, and tried "Generate Modes" and "Install Modes", which appears to install modes, but those modes are not available when trying to select the desktop resolution for my PVM.

My computer is connected to a monitor via display port on DISPLAY1, and via VGA->BNC on DISPLAY2.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Re: 480i on AMD APU

I have started looking into building out a linux install, as it seems I may have better luck getting a 15 kHz desktop running on an APU there. I am not too interested in emulation, my main use-case is streaming Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Which distro should I be looking at?


Re: 480i on AMD APU

I installed Ubuntu 20.04 with linux_kernel_15khz. It looks promising, but I am still working through some challenges. Will update here if I can get it to work.