That depends on what you have available. Windows 7 works, Windows 8.1 works too. Windows 10 also works based on reports from several users but it's not my current testing platform yet, so things may require some extra work.


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Hola Nekali,

Sería instalar los drivers y proceder con los pasos que te ponía en el mensaje de más arriba (detener el servicio, etc.) que en este caso sí que podrías realizarlos.

Lógicamente tendrás que realizar de nuevo la configuración de modos de vídeo. Si lo ves un lío, quizá prefieras dejarlo como está.

Respecto a Retroarch, asegúrate de usar la opción de vídeo Direct3D.


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Hola Nekali,

El usuario Retro77 de BYOAC tenía un problema similar al tuyo, ¿sois el mismo usuario?

La solución en su caso ha sido instalar la versión de CRT Emudriver basada en Crimson 16.2.

I'd say current CRT Emudriver (16.2) has no Vulcan support. The incoming version will support Vulcan.


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icemac wrote:

Yes, I still would like to know if there is a way to export modelines in a txt after having edited them to my needs (as a backup). This would be useful when I want to add some new res to the set or when i want to experiment new custom res

Yes, this is actually very easy to do.

So, let's say you have already tweaked some modelines via Arcade OSD, and you want to save those modes for future use.

Launch VMMaker, select Settings->Video card. Use the button "Import modes from driver". This will load all installed modelines to the program's memory. Now, use the button "Export modes to file". That's all.

If later on you want to restore your saved modes, use the button "Import modes from file", and then just "Install modes" as usual.


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Great! Thanks for testing.

The error under Windows 10 is expected. Next version will probably implement Direct3D instead of the deprecated DirectDraw.

I was worried about Windows 7, it's nice that it's fixed.

Let me know if you still need any information about your first post.


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I mean the one linked in my previous posts (move the mouse cursor over the text).


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Hi icemac,

Before wasting energies in a suboptimal solution, will you test this new beta? For me, it's a priority to fix this bug.


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¿Qué versión de CRT Emudriver le has instalado?


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Hola Nekali,

Es muy raro. Ese servicio se instala siempre con el driver y el truco de detenerlo le ha funcionado a todo el mundo hasta hoy. ¿Estás 100% seguro de que no lo tienes instalado?

I've checked in the driver's .inf and the R5 340X is listed as supported. Just make sure to download the version for GCN cards.

If it's newer than 2016 it's probably not listed in the driver's .inf, and thus not supported (even if the driver could potentially support it, it will reject installing the files).

If you're not in a hurry, a new version of Emudriver supporting cards up to 2018 is in the oven.


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¿Por qué la 4350? No sé muy bien como lo estarás probando, pero funcionar, funciona seguro.

Cuando conectes la tarjeta al Hantarex, asegúrate de no tener el monitor LCD conectado a la otra salida. Si no la bios probablemente te saque vídeo por el LCD.


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Hola Nekali,

Esto pasa por un problema de los drivers y de ciertos programas que no controlan bien la resolución que ponen (has dicho Attract Mode, pero también pasa con Demul y otros emuladores más).

La solución es sencilla, afortunadamente:

1 - Detener y desactivar el servicio AMD External events utility
2 - Entrar en las propiedades de pantalla, configuración avanzada, pestaña "Monitor", y marcar la opción "Ocultar los modos que no se puedan mostrar en este monitor".

Todo esto, por supuesto, habiendo activado la emulación de EDID a 15 kHz.

I've never seen any crash on W7. Is DirectX properly installed?

Most people hated the deflicker filter so I removed it from the driver (wasn't easy). It's not something that can be enabled through a registry setting. You need to use the old driver binary where the setting is enabled.

So the problem with Arcade OSD was Windows 10 compatibility, after all. I need to modernize it at some point.

With regards to 2, the deflicker filter was removed by popular demand:

[24/11/2017][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 11]

  - [Emudriver]  Disabled deflicker filter for interlaced modes. Now your interlaced modes will look perfectly sharp, with all their genuine flicker intact.

If you like the deflicker filter, you can use a version of the driver previous to beta 11, and still use the updated CRT Tools.

With regards to 1, I'm afraid that must be some Windows 10 incompatibility. If you press "d", it'll show a debug console. Its contents my help diagnosing the issue.

Have you enabled EDID emulation on the correct output?

Check this post, in case you haven't.

In the device drop-down menu on the top of that tab, select "\\.\DISPLAY1" instead of "\\.\DISPLAY2", and see if doing that makes the outputs appear in the outputs menu below.  If that works, enable EDID emulation on Analog 0 and remind selecting "\\.\DISPLAY2" back before installing the video modes.

Hi neoman24,

neoman24 wrote:

the steps i've taken was i disabled the CRT monitor through display settings and Catalyst software

What Catalyst software? How did it get in your computer?

I've updated the guide to reflect recent changes in both the CRT Tools and GroovyMAME regarding bandwith limitations.

Version 2 history

[19/10/2018][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 14]

  - [Emudriver]  Removed low pixel clock limitation on HDMI outputs. This allows outputting 15 kHz through HDMI in combination with HDMI->VGA active adapters.

  - [VMMaker]    Added support for EDID emulation on digital outputs (HDMI and DVI-D). EDID emulation drop-down menu now shows outputs by type. DisplayPort still not supported.

  - [VMMaker]    Support for pixelclocks up to 6 GHz. Modeline generation now possible from 15 kHz up to 8K fulldome. Bandwidth limitations imposed by drivers still apply.

  - [VMMaker]    Fix XML processing of newer versions of MAME.

[07/03/2018][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 13]

  - [VMMaker]    Fix composite sync for HD 5000+ cards.

[23/12/2017][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 12]

  - [VMMaker]    Added support for composite sync.

  - [Emudriver]  New fix to allow stable support for composite sync for legacy cards (only applies to package based on Catalyst 12.6).

[24/11/2017][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 11]

  - [Emudriver]  Disabled deflicker filter for interlaced modes. Now your interlaced modes will look perfectly sharp, with all their genuine flicker intact.

  - [VMMaker]    Fixed bug that caused CRT Emudriver not being detected under Windows XP.

  - [VMMaker]    Added new preset for 15/31 kHz dual-sync monitor.

[03/03/2017][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 10]

  - [VMMaker]    Added option to include multiple modelines in emulated EDID. When enabled, the current modelist is added to the EDID definition (maximum of 20 modes supported). If disabled, only a 640x480 modeline will be included, as usual.

  - [VMMaker]    Fixed bug that caused newer video cards to be incorrectly detected as legacy ones.

[08/02/2016][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 9]

  - [Emudriver]  New driver packages based on Crimson 16.2.1. Lots of new AMD GPUs & APUs supported.

  - [VMMaker]
  - [Arcade OSD] Changes to correctly apply polarities and refresh with Crimson drivers.

  - [VMMaker]    New commands available from the application's console, to allow manual management of the mode list, etc. Type "help" for details.

[01/02/2016][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 8]

  - [Emudriver]  Fixed bug in Setup preventing the driver from getting installed depending on the location of the installation files.

[26/01/2016][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 7]

  - [Emudriver]  Forced reset of interleave flag upon device power-up. Fixes problem with ATOM-15 flashed cards that caused a shrinked picture with progressive modes and double picture with interlaced modes.

[23/01/2016][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 6]

  - [Emudriver]  Fixed critical bug in driver that caused the system to get frozen randomly upon display device restart.

  - [VMMaker]
  - [Arcade OSD] Correctly assign sync polarity to AMD HD 5000+ cards. Because AMD documentation is wrong, VMMaker where assigning the polarities the wrong way. This must be the direct cause of most out-of-sync issues reported till now. What happened is that GM assigned positive sync instead of negative, and vice versa. This is fixed now, but you'll need to update your crt_range definitions. By default, negative sync (0) is what should be used in most cases. Thanks to intealls for doing proper checks with an oscilloscope and R-Typer for double-checking.

  - [VMMaker]    ATI legacy: now interlaced modes are reported with full refresh (not halved) in W7+. This should solve problems with games that use a hardcoded 60 Hz refresh.

  - [VMMaker]    Better alignment of modeline generator to GroovyMAME's.

  - [Arcade OSD] Fixed Powerstrip support.

[07/01/2016][CRT Emudriver 2.0][CRT Tools 2.0][beta 5]

  - [Emudriver]  Added missing dlls for ADL library (thanks to Fonki for reporting). Issue affected HD 5xxx and newer cards. It caused VMMaker not recognizing the driver.

Thanks for doing this, Recap.

Try generic_15 instead of arcade_15. It's the most conservative preset.